Alejandro Pintado


Alejandro Pintado, born in 1973 in Mexico City and currently residing and working in Washington DC, has been working professionally as an artist for more than a decade, adding to his biography individual and collective exhibitions in both public and private institutions in Mexico, England, Spain, France and Russia.

In recent years his research has developed around the historical memory of landscape and its transformation over time. For this he has been in the task of editing and then transforming the work of artists such as Claude Lorraine (1600-1682), Mortitz Rugendas (1802-1858) and José María Velasco (1840-1912). Pintado research is not only in aesthetic and plastic assessing these landscapers, his  interest is on the cosmogony of the time in which these artists worked. The historical distance allows us to have a broader vision of the socio-political events of the past and see more clearly the view of the period in which they were made. Thus Pintado takes certain aspects of these views, selecting pristine landscapes that are unattainable at present then intervenes them with contemporary objects. This confrontation of dissonant elements allude to the notion of modernity in which all periods of history coincide at one time.  

In Pintado’s works the presence of nature in contrast to the artificiality is somewhat ambiguous, it is not clear if the landscape dominates the artificiality or if it is nature that has invaded these built spaces. These are some  reflections presented to us by an  artist who is not afraid to show his abilities to recreate aestheic and conceptual challenging compositions with these views from the present, the past and the future. 

Select solo exhibitions include Medición del vacío (Vacuum Measure), Drexel Gallery, Monterrey, Mexico (2013); Trayectoria del conocimiento (Path of Knowledge), dialogue with José María Velasco, National Museum of Art (MUNAL) Mexico City (2012); Incisión al romanticismo  INSICION to Romanticism) Expanded painting at the National Museum of San Carlos Mexico City (2012); Contemplación del modernismo (Contemplating Modernism), MUSAS Museum, Sonora, Mexico(2011); Art Project, Pinta Art Fair; curated by Pablo León de la Barra, London (2011); The Planning of Randomness, Post Box Gallery, London (2010); Volcanes, cables, ahuehuetes, lonas, Vistas desde el romanticismo, (Volcanoes, Cables, Ahuehuetes, Canvas, Views from Romanticism) Arróniz arte contemporáneo Gallery. Mexico City (2010). 

Select group exhibitions include Messico circa 2000, Scuderia del Castello Miramare, Turin, Italia(2014); Coleccionismo, Museo del Tequila, Ciudad de México (2013); Resistenciapintura contemporánea (Resistance, Contemporary Painting), Espacio Diagrama, Mexico City, Privada luz, Massimo Audiello Gallery, Mexico City (2012); Escape, Sumarria Lunn Gallery, London (2011); Urban Dreams, Room Gallery, London (2011); Dialéctica del paisaje urbano (Urban Landscape Dialectic), Mural Diego Rivera Museum, Mexico City (2011); Colectiva (Collective), Flaere Gallery, London(2010); Landscape Interventions"Arte sin límites" Foundation, The Hague and Berlin (2009), Free fall perspective, on line and perception Montevista, Los Angeles (2008); Landscape interventionsI International Moscow Biennial for Young Art, Moscow Museum of Modern Art (2008).