Angel Otero

Angel Otero (born 1981 in Puerto Rico) is a contemporary visual artist specializing in painting. Otero's work is characterized by an interest in personal history, expressionistic abstraction, and Spanish Baroque painterly traditions. He lives and works in Brooklyn but splits his time between New York and Chicago.

Otero was born and raised in Santurce in San Juan Puerto Rico. At age 24, Otero moved to Chicago to earn a Master's of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His relationship with his family, his life in Puerto Rico, and his personal history figure greatly into his artwork.[2] Stylistically, Otero practices a process-based art that combines painting and assemblage. Otero creates “oil skins”, created from paint poured onto glass and peeled off in sheets after it dries. These skins are then grafted on to the artist’s canvas or sculpture. Otero combines them with other materials including resin, spray paint, and silicone. Both small and large-scale paintings are created using this method.[3]