Andres Ribero

Available works

Appropriation as a medium has been agreed upon as a daily custom in contemporary art, and it is through it that Ribero's work reflects cultural influences that have become our own. Referring to the history of art, idyllic poetry and the world of the excesses of contemporary pop, his work reflects the post-apocalypse that we who are cataloged as Latinos embody. It is a post-apocalypse of music in English, reggaeton and vallenato, bright colors and extremely rigid religious customs that are mixed with pornography and the guidelines given by Hollywood movies. In this cultural clash, his artistic production develops.

Art is as flexible as culture itself and therefore it is not through a specific technique that its conceptual questioning is developed. The drawing, the graphic arts and the sculpture meet in a spatter and mix with the appropriation to give as a result something cataloged as "installation". Space becomes predominant: the assembly of the works and the space between them, as well as the relationships that they generate with the viewer, are the final motif of artistic expression.

Master of Arts with emphasis in Plastic Arts, Electronic Media and Arts of the Time of the Universidad de los Andes. He has participated in several collective exhibitions in the city of Bogotá in spaces such as the Santa Fé Gallery, the Enrique Grau Foundation and the José Celestino Mutis Botanical Garden, in Spain he has exhibited at the Bilbao Exhibition Center and was awarded the first place in the V prize Uniandino to the arts in the Espacio Alterno Gallery, Bogotá