Guillermo Marconi

Available works

Colombia, 1980

Architect and Colombian artist. Develops his work in the field of objects and installations. Identified with “low high tech development” and DIY methods, he works with interventions that involve electro mechanic artifacts, exploring the transversal relations between the mass media, the access to information, shared knowledge and the new ways is being used.

the architectural vision that characterizes his work, fases the spectator with structures filled with tension, they are are reflection of the spaces and objects that inhabit them. We specifically find juxtapositions between nature and technology in scenarios where both elements analyze their sense of belonging. This fictitious spaces serve as examples for different realities in which we live in and that are, at last human constructions.

And in this case, it also adds a political element. We see four boxes of light echoes with a border that separates them. He asks himself how we see the spaces, how we configure them, how we modify them, based on which side we are on.It also includes an additional element; two countries, with two colors in common: white and red, and two others that differentiate them: blue and green.