Benjamin Ossa

Benjamin Ossa, Santiago, 1984. Visual Artist that lives and works en Santiago, Chile. His artwork addresses the problematic of the interaction between viewer and space, placing light as subject matter and  reflection as a vehicle of perception. His solo show “Murk” at Artespacio Gallery, “Forms / Edge” at Tajamar Gallery, as well as other previous  group exhibitions such as: “.” at Salón Tudor, “Individual Planes” at Stuart Gallery and “Fissure” at the Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende have been awarded several recognitions. This last institution has incorporated the artwork he presented in “Fissure”into their permanent collection. Moreover, he has developed an outstanding participation en contemporary art fairs such as ChAco, Pinta Ny and Lima art fair. He is currently preparing exhibition projects in Chile, uruguay and in the U.S.

Artist Statement:

I work with time by means of light and space where I establish geometry as an effective tool to comprehend the abstraction of this field of study. To be able to impact a person’s life and open alternate sensorial paths of interaction is a work about and under the spectrum of temporality.