Jesús Chacón

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Marbella, 1985 

Jesús Chacón has been working with photography for over 15 years and is a referent in this field for his artistic projects, the treatment of light in his images and the  stagings he organize to give life to a very peculiar way of telling stories.

His secret is very simple: enjoy, create, surround j¡himself of a great team of professionals and being in a constant search to keep current as the times change.

To Chacón an image, a photography isn´t just that; for him is the result of all the production behind it. The photography is the group of people working at unison, is an idea come true, is knowledge taken to practice and a moment that stays frozen under the sight of his author.

Invisible Instants

It was one of those days when the artist decides to goy for a stroll with his camera looking for something to wake him up. He spent all morning looking what surrounded him shooting some images without founding motivation. Before coming home he stopped in a sort of balcony, in it he could see every thing that surrounded him. At the begging he noticed the landscape, later his gaze focused on the people passing through the streets, ¿Who are they?, ¿whats inside of them? Where some of the questions he asked him self before his attention went inside each of those worlds letting the background disappear. 

All of a sudden those little dots became intense in space, He imagined his stories, gave life to each shadowed was caught in the instant when they cruised each other without awareness.

Chacón observed how we communicate trough technology and how we handle silence with those by our side. He took several photos and took them home to see how thy worked out. And found very interesting the dialogue create between this isolated worlds in space. Then at a second lecture he found in the shadows a companion that observes and watches over our actions.

Photographer. Self-taught, he began his career at the end of the nineties. Before focusing his work on artistic photography, he has been visited by almost all areas of the photographic world (fashion, advertising, architecture, interior design, portraits, landscapes ...). 

He has worked for international firms such as Red Bull, Dior or Hermès. His photographs have been published in different media and magazines such as El País, El Mundo, Absoluto or Mondo Sonoro. He has exhibited in numerous galleries and his work has deserved different awards, among others, the bronze LAUS in 2013 and the First Prize of the International Tour Film Festival of Rome 2015.

Jesús Chacón has been confirmed as a reference within his field for his artistic projects, the treatment of light in his images and the staging he organizes to make his peculiar way of telling stories come true. His work seeks -with a solid technical experience- to return to that innocent look where the image becomes the place of light and of the moment.

He has won prizes such as the selected exhibition project for XV Bienal de Fotogrfía de Córdoba. "Views of a city" - 2016, First prize / International Tour Film Festival - 2015 (Rome). "ESTOCOLMO" 2015; 4th Prize. Marbella Create. "ESTOCOLMO" - 2014; Honorable Mention / 7th International Film and Video Festival Ojo al Sancho (Bogotá, Colombia). "UNA VIDA AL FILO" - 2014, among others.

-Jesús Chacón has been devoted to photography for more than 15 years and is a reference in his field for his artistic projects, the treatment of light in his images and the staging he organizes to make his peculiar way of telling stories come true.

Its very simple secret: enjoy, create, surround yourself with a great team of professionals and look for formulas to adapt to the new times.

At first, Chacón did not consider being a photographer by profession, it was a way to occupy his free time with other friends who love photography. But, the light and compositions began to be part of his day to day, his vision and came the passion for a world observed through an objective. Live the fashion editorials, get involved in the photographs of musical groups and record companies, portray personalities, actors and actresses, designers and politicians are a simple enumeration of the works in which Chacón has worked throughout his career.

An image, a photograph is not just that; it is the production work behind it, it is a group of people working in unison, it is an idea that comes to be translated, it is the knowledge taken into practice and a moment that remains frozen under the gaze of its author.

Jesús Chacón photographer began his career and between commission and assignment, work and hours in front of the computer, stopped enjoying photography and lost that innocent part of freezing a moment of time. For this reason, he has decided to reinvent himself as a professional and look for new projects to reflect his artistic concerns.

In this new stage Jesús Chacón returns to that innocent look, where taking pictures is playing with lights and enjoying the moment, but with the knowledge acquired in all these years. A more than perfect combination for the result to become small pieces of visual harmony and great works of art to admire.

The years have gone by, he has refined his technique, he has created unique pieces of great originality and he continues to evolve; because Jesús Chacón's photography is his language and his way of expressing himself; her legacy is the constant search to create new projects that are born from her interior and her work, the reflection of the illusion that we can not lose.

"For me photography is not just a way to earn a living, for me it is something more personal. In this new stage what I want is to return to that, to the principles, to be able to investigate, to be able to create from a more innocent look ". Jesús Chacón. Teba Silés