Mareo Rodriguez

Mareo- Expansion (31) triptico-Acrilico sobre lienzo- 210x100cm -2500eur.jpg

Mareo Rodriguez (México, 1981)

Born in Mexico City, raised in Medellín, Colombia, now lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.

Studied his bachelor degree un Architecture in Medellin; Colombia, he then took an art course at Bournemouth Arts Institute, UK, has a master in design from ELISAVA. Barcelona, and a master in fine arts from UNA. Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has had solo exhibitions in Barcelona, Berlin, Bogotá and Buenos Aires. He has participated in fairs such as Art Toronto, Canadá; Art Med, Colombia and Art Marbella, Spain. He also participated in "Become Become" Art residency at Arebyte Gallery. London, UK and "Emerging topographies" Land art sculpture, Biella, Italy.

His work is a view on matter, topography and natural territory conceived as as a living being, latent and in constant movement. Epidermal stratification wrought by time, with a telluric language emerging, pressing, gravitating, revealing different tensions through the landscape.

“Art is a language and a direct line of communication with an upper source; the artist then in nothing but a channel to materialize and convey that message”

There are two projectual axes  within his creation: Painting responds to an organic method, subconscious andexpressive, where the aqueous acrylic painting slides quickly with the spatula within glazes and textures, revealing landscapes inconceivable; as a counterpart his sculptures respond to a more rationaland geometric line of work, where wood, polystyrene, metals and resins act as a medium to portrait abstraction of foldings, mountains and topografía forms.