Miguel Angel Cardenal

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The plastic articulation in which his work is configured ranges from the pictorial to the sculptural, with geometry being one of the bases on which he sustains his work. It has in its configuration a series of elements that appear as a constant in sutrayectoria and that are intimately related to visual education and the reading of images.

The artist revolves around the search for a general connection between individuals, a consequence of the sedimentation of global and particular ideas, which in one way or another have shaped individualized ways of perceiving the object and space, and which in turn are generated for the different types of contexts that have influenced us in the past and influence us in the present.

There is a clear interest in the creation of artistic pieces in the experimentation and research on the different dialogues generated during the work process. I am looking for in this development a narrative influenced by the everyday and that interferes in the course of the same, originating new dialogues of the different objects that make up a cycle in which the work can contextualize itself.

The distortion of the truth and the understanding of it will be a main search in my work, offering a perspectivist vision in which the object is subordinated to the idea and is capable of generating diverse readings of the image. 

My work is based on the search for the general connection between individuals, the result of the sedimentation of our particular memories, which in one way or another have shaped us individualized ways of perceiving space and object, generated by the different types of contexts that They have influenced us in the past and influence us in the present.

The repetition, the aesthetics of what is currently beautiful or light, will be fundamental languages to put in dialogue the sublime character of the space and the values that suppose the claim of a product. In this way, the satin, the translucent, the digital aesthetics or the polished will be confronted with the meaning of the figure of the sublime in the current landscape. Understanding the landscape as a relation and action of individuals with space and objects, in this way, the new landscape will be conditioned by new aesthetics and objects.

My main objective is to find a way to bring the immense and incomprehensible to the perception without finding strangeness or emptiness, if not attraction and desire and the possibility of owning and touching, in order to create a link with the viewer through the object and space. Consequently, the search for the object capable of connecting with the deepest of our perception is fundamental to establish this dialogue.

The language of my work will consequently be a dialogue between the fictional and the real. The work thus seeks to dialogue with the viewer through the doubt it generates, seeking the creation of an artistic object contextualized in the change of the paradigms of understanding.