RoFa Projects, In collaboration with The Art Museum of the Americas and For love of Art, For love of Life



This exhibition will reexamine the legacy of geometric abstraction in Latin America through the prism of recent art produced by Latin American artists of various generations living in South, Central and North America and Europe. 

An exhibition that attests to the importance and long lasting legacy of geometric abstraction in Latin America between 1940 and the late 1970s, Impure Geometries seeks to expand these inherited traditions in order to highlight recent works by contemporary Latin American artists that engage in a continuous reaffirmation, extension, interrogation and deconstruction of canonical ideas about both the evolving role of abstraction and the shifting global position of Latin American art. 

Coming on the heels of the idealistic, encoded yet highly political work of historical luminaries like the Uruguayan Joaquin Torres-Garcia, Brazilians Lygia Clark and Helio Oiticica, Venezuelans Gego and Jesus Rafael Soto, and Argentinians Tomas Maldonado and Raul Lozza, subsequent generations of contemporary Latin American artists have both internalized and adapted the utopian aesthetics and political aspirations of late Latin American modernism. Today, their use of the language of classic Latin American geometric abstraction aims to do two seemingly paradoxical things. Namely, to activate a living aesthetic tradition attuned to local histories and circumstances, while, at the same time, exploding global clichés about what is today arguably the region’s most celebrated form of advanced artistic representation.

In an effort to expand a global dialogue around past and present paradigms of contemporary art, Impure Geometries will feature art works made in a wide variety of media, including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, installation, digital technologies and ready-made materials. While some artists hew to conventional abstract media like paint and canvas and traditional sculptural materials, others incorporate various kinds of found elements from popular culture into their vision of abstract art. Additionally, some artists in the exhibition push abstraction into an arena that is increasingly contaminated not only by the language of representation, but also by subsequent art historical developments around the world—such as art informel, minimalism, conceptualism, street art and social critique. Not a few of the artists in Impure Geometries also work in figurative vocabularies, sometimes incorporating photographs and other iconographic materials into single works. The result is an increasingly impure, self-aware, globalized and often dystopian view of abstraction and its evolving 21st century aesthetic and social responsibilities.

A partial list of participating artists includes the following: Gais Ama (BR), Alberto Borea (PE), Ricardo Cardenas (CO), Anibal Catalan (MX), Ramiro Chaves (AR), Marta Chillindron (AR), Dario Escobar (GT), Cristina Ghetti (AR), Patrick Hamilton (CL), Alberto Gonzalez Vivo (AR), Fabiola Menchelli (MX), Andres Monteagudo (AR), Benjamin Ossa (CL), Angel Otero (PR), Martin Pelenur (UY), Ryan Perez (USA), Carolina Sanhelli (VE), Pedro Tyler (UY), Augusto Zanela (AR).

Educational programming possibilities include curator lectures, roundtable discussions with the artists and, a graffiti workshop with Brazilian street artist Gais Ama and more.