Beautiful, disturbing and deep. This is the best definition for this Spanish artist’s paintings found in galleries and exhibitions around the world. He makes a U turn on portrait tradition with his images where he blends renaissance accuracy and perfection commonly found in advertisement. 

 “People I ask to pose for a portrait are not necessarily beautiful people, I ask them because I have the feeling they might help me in transmitting certain emotions. I am interested in timeless faces, serene, with a generous expression in their mouth and a transparent look. The eyes are very important. They are emotional containers. What I want is for the whole to bear a semblance to eternity”.

Why red? Because it is full of contradictions and intentions. From Latin coloratus(coloured, to colour), is the colour par excellence. Red has the power of going beyond its own colour condition. It is more than a colour; it is a symbol that provokes feelings of beauty, of absolute, of time absence, and tranquillity. At the same time it is an expression of strength and the colour of blood, religion and the chosen ones.

When I decided to use red as a rule for my paintings’ backgrounds there were many influential factors, but the most important one was seeing San Marcus Basilica in Venice.  I was overwhelmed by the colour and its domes. There were tiles made of gold! That colour was used as a metaphor of God’s dwelling. I thought all that naivety and intention were wonderful. It is the same with red in my paintings, which is a metaphor of the sky; of what is transcendental

There are no boundaries for information and there should be no boundaries for art either. The artist must be permeable to everything that surrounds him in any of the areas of life: science, advertisement, culture and politics… 

At the end of the day, my intention is infinitely benevolent, I move myself in the spiritual domain.

Throughout these years Salustiano has occupied covers of magazines and specialized press, such as the magazine Arte Al Límite, Artery Berlin, MU Magazine or the cultural weekly newspaper of the national newspaper ABC. There have also been countless interviews for radio and television.

Thanks to this artistic recognition, in recent years different charitable institutions of international prestige have invited Salustiano to collaborate in their projects. Among them the Dalai Lama Foundation with the exhibition The Missing Peace, which toured several continents, the international organization Woman Together, with the exhibition "Other Meninas", supervised by the World Microcredit Bank, by Muhammad Yunus (Nobel Peace Prize) , in which the Queen of Spain actively collaborates, and the Cisneros Foundation with the exhibition and auction of IKF Latin American Art Auction, part of its program for childhood health care in Latin America.

He participated in The Missing Peace, Artist Consider The Dalai Lama, an international exhibition that brings together such prominent authors as Bill Viola, Anish Kapoor, Marina Abramovic, Christo, Richard Avedon and Sebastiao Salgado, and who, since 2006, has toured several cities in the world: Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Sydney, Berlin, Paris, Prague, Tokyo, Toronto, Warsaw and Miami.