Santiago Villanueva

GOTA AZUL MIAMI  - copia.jpg

Born in Madrid, Spain in 1965,  He graduated as an architect at the Superior School of Madrid and took drawing workshops with Eduardo Peña.

He has had solo exhibitions in cities such as Madrid, Palma de Mallorca and Istanbul and has participated in art fairs like ARTLIMA, ART MADRID, ARCO MADRID,  ART15 ZURICH and Arte Fiera Bologna. In 1993 he won the first place as a young artist at " Premio Pérez Gil,” XXV Fall saloon, Madrid. He currently lives and works between Palma de Mallorca and Madrid, Spain.

His work is intertwined to an intimate experience of time and body, to a search of a an interior portrait taking beauty as an essential interlocutor.

His work doesn’t pretend to evoke a simple visual pleasure or tactile experience but to stimulate desire, seduce us until it penetrates the emotion the object proposes and to perceive a more intimate and subjective place.

Soft and touch therapy. In German Gestalt, is a word that names the shape, the configuration, the “whole” as the product of a healing and perceptive act. From this semantic place we can begin to see the work of Santiago Villanueva. His pieces born as  answers to those intangible emotions that, since the artist childhood have been obsessively pursued: The creation of his own language in terms of color, dimension and texture to comprehend reality.

Naked, perfect and prolix objects that appear reflective, instantaneous, fragile and lysergic, plastic and deformable. They tell us about time, pain, links, emotion. But they also shut up, resign and hide. Touch and distance. Movement and freezing. Skin and resin. They become dialogue and silence. Provocation. Absolute

The volume here, does not excuse itself for its beauty, nor does it feel shame for being the fiber and heartbeat of human contradictions. On the contrary it becomes an essential accent. How would Barthes say, a slight fold in which the page of life, the silk of language, has been pinched, quickly.