Walterio Iraheta

"Happy Meal" is a process of transmutation of the underworld of mass culture to the highest echelons of contemporary art.  These toys are rescued from the stores that sell second-hand American clothes, and after being touched by the artist's hand, they move into the windows of the most prestigious galleries, art collections and publications in the world.

This series faces the nature of the object and image and ends up producing exactly new objects and images. The graphite turns the toy into a pure object, an anti-image.  Then, this anti-image is reproduced in photographs and paintings:  images of anti-images.

Walterio Iraheta studied graphic arts at the José Matías Delgado University of El Salvador, in the Chicago Cultural Center, USA and the School of Visual Arts La Esmeralda, Mexico.
He received first place in the Biennial Paiz Art of El Salvador 2007, an honorable mention in the contest of contemporary art of Palma de Mallorca, Spain 2004 and the first prize at the Biennial of Contemporary Art of Central America 1998, among others . He has participated in the Bienal de Valencia - São Paulo, 2008; in the X Havana Biennial 2009; the first Biennial of Pontevedra in 2010 and the 54th Venice Biennale 2011. So far, has more than 35 personal exhibitions and over 150 collective.

Right now he is very interested in issues related to human movement, the phenomenon of migration and hybrid cultures, is interested mixtures values and traditions among people of different regions.

Lives and works in San Salvador, El Salvador