Yosman Botero

postcolombino 17_ 53 x 53 x 6 cm_ gold leaf on plexiglass_ 2016  copy.jpg

Yosman Botero addresses the issue of missing persons in the conflict - not just the Colombian one - and recruitment of minors. Over time, the wait and the ephemeral play a major role in his works ranging in different media such as drawing, painting, installation and video.

Post - Colombian

The project Post-Colombian is based on the characteristics of pre-Colombian culture and reflects the identity recovered after the surrender of the weapons of the main armed group in Colombia.

The artist bases his exploration in the construction of a new aesthetic grounded on the concept of Post-Conflict in Colombia. Pre-Colombian gold work connoted the symbolism of sacred character; that is why the gun has a golden appearance making it the centerpiece of representation from repetition. 

In Post-Colombian, through repetition and fragmentation of the gun, the images are constructed resembling Pre-Colombian goldsmiths own deities, laden with symbolism and torn between the pictorial and the sculptural. It takes the Catatumbo region as the main focus and alludes to a new stage of adaptation and recovery of ancient values in our society


Yosman Botero creates three dimensional optical illusions using layers of plexiglass and a skilled painter's hand. The three-dimensional works focus on children and their imaginary friends/monsters.

Botero continues to push the boundaries of traditional painting by dividing the pictorial elements on several layers to create works that are visually intriguing and full of depth.

Common Things

This line of work work focuses mainly on pictorial representation, where he appropriates elements of other art works, extracting them from the art context and then re-using and reproducing them in everyday objects.  By doing this, he explores the possible interpretations that people may have when they see these pieces, which they recognize from posters, shirts, prints etc. and then find them again in a whole new work of art.  He uses this way to re-confront a piece of art with the observer but in an everyday context.

Yosman Botero Gomez was born in the city of Cúcuta - Norte de Santander, Colombia in 1983.  He graduated in fine arts in 2010 at the University of Antioquia in Medellin-Colombia.  His work unfolds easily between different creative elements addressing drawing, painting, video and installation; his short career has been highlighted by his achievements through various honors and awards.

He is currently studying for a masters of artistic production and research at the University of Barcelona.