Yosman Botero

postcolombino 17_ 53 x 53 x 6 cm_ gold leaf on plexiglass_ 2016  copy.jpg

Yosman Botero addresses the issue of missing persons in the conflict - not just the Colombian one - and recruitment of minors.  Over time, the wait and the ephemeral play a major role in his works ranging in different media such as drawing, painting, installation and video.

The project Post-Colombian is based on the characteristics of pre-Colombian culture and reflects the identity recovered after the handing over of weapons of the main armed group in Colombia.

The artist bases his exploration in the construction of a new aesthetic grounded on the concept of Post-Conflict in Colombia. Pre-Colombian gold work connoted the symbolism of sacred character; that is why the gun has a golden appearance making it the centerpiece of representation from repetition.

In Post-Colombian, through repetition and fragmentation of the gun, the images are constructed resembling Pre-Colombian goldsmiths own deities, laden with symbolism and torn between the pictorial and the sculptural. It takes the Catatumbo region as the main focus and alludes to a new stage of adaptation and recovery of ancient values in our society.